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Your place have the right to remain clean.

Tidy, neat, spruced, spick and span are all the different ways you can describe our cleaning service, Located in the heart of Dubai, Fast Access maids uphold the utmost professionalism when it comes to cleaning and keeping things sanitary. Be it part time or on daily regular basis we want you to relax and leave your dishes, laundry, and even that messy bed up to us.


Dust, kids, pets, and daily wear and tear can take a beating on the cleanliness of your precious home. We are committed to your personal experience. You can be confident that the house cleaning service providers have been not only vetted by us, but also reviewed by customers who have previously used the house cleaning service providers in Dubai and the UAE. 


Equipment and Cleaning Chemicals

Fast Access are using high standard and environmental friendly products to meet Dubai standards, Performance standards, reliability and life span make for cost efficiency.

Supervision of Cleaners

Our cleaners are supervised by experienced and competent supervisors. The cleaner’s performance is also monitored by random/surprise checks by supervisors, who will use the checklist and daily duties charts, which is highly effective as it keeps the cleaners on their toes to ensure that their job is done properly all the time. The checklist is also used on scheduled cleaning activities for floor care, pest control, carpet and upholstery cleaning. Our cleaners has been trained in the use of cleaning equipment and machinery. We have an advanced staffs who have more intense knowledge and experience on the operations of these machines. Out staff is trained on customer care and the importance of our business and business growth. They have discipline and communication skill.